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A single negative film strip is formed from the assembled character and component strips for contact printing on photo sensitive paper of selected characters and components on the negative film, Film strip font.

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A color separation overlay, including cooperating register marks, is prepared for each of the color components of respective characters.

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Stated another way, in the event Film strip font character of a word is slightly displaced, either above or below the vertical limits of a word or line of characters, the color forming components of that character will similarly be out of alignment the exact distance its base or outline letter is out of alignment thus assuring accurate registration when subsequently printing one color over another.

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A negative film strip is then made of the type font and color separation overlays.

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Field of the Invention The present invention relates to graphic design and more particularly to a method of preparing camera ready commercial art containing type font characters to be printed in color.

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The principal object of this invention is to provide negative film strips of type fonts having color separation components of each character thereon in identically spaced superposed relation with respect to each character for accurate printing registration of photoengraved color plates with base Film strip font.

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With the light source 48 turned off the paper strip 40 and endless band 36 are simultaneously moved, as by rotating the rollers 32 and 34 toward the left, as viewed in FIG.

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Such film strips increase the versatility of composing camera ready artwork, however, Film strip font, if the characters printed from the film strip are to be reproduced partially in color it becomes necessary to manually cut overlay strips containing the color separated components of the respective character.

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When the developed paper strip 40' is to be used as a portion of a graphic design the paper strip 40' is longitudinally divided, between the words, as by cutting along Film strip font dotted lines

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